Crane Landscape Design


Contained here is a sample of pictures from a few select landscape design projects. We hope your time previewing this gallery offers enjoyment, reflection, and inspiration. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss a project.

Filipini Residence

This child educator wanted something relaxing to come home to. An ample sized paver patio with pergola and raised bed that doubles as seating invites her and her guests to the trickling sound of water from a pondless waterfall. With sun in a south facing yard, trees were planted to provide shade and cool down the yard.
See more A small concrete pad provides area for garbage cans while the rest of the path is permeable decomposed granite, allowing rainwater to percolate through. The path is lined with tall shrubs to shade the house from the hot afternoon sun. A synthetic turf offers a place for the dog run. It's easily cleaned, doesn't get muddy in winter, and obviously doesn't need water. A variety of flowering plants offers year-round interest and on a one-year visit, I captured a picture of a hummingbird feeding from one of the sages.

  • Sideyard before
  • Backyard before
  • Sideyard after with synthetic turf and lattice trellis for vines
  • A paver path leads to a secondary patio with seatwall
  • Upright shrubs provide privacy screening and cast a shadow on the house wall during the hot afternoon sun. An inexpensive and permeable decomposed granite (DG) path.
  • Significantly minimized lawn size, and created outdoor gathering area
  • Salvia, Pennstemon and Erysimum call to bees, butterflies and hummers
  • Evergreen shrubs provide foundation to deciduous trees

Lakkaraju Residence

At one time a field of weeds, err, I mean to say natural grassy meadow, this courtyard shares three walls with the home so it needed to tie in well to match the house. A concrete slab, with flyash to substitute a portion of cement, is faced with timeless slate tile. A circular seatwall embraces an arbor which frames in the
See more space. Evergreen shrubs bring the courtyard to life and a simple fountain offers to drown out the noise of cars on the street.

  • Before...enough said
  • A proper courtyard matching the style of the house
  • Low wall painted to match the house provides seating as the remote controlled fountain provides subtle ambience.

David Residence

With a love for Mediterranean style, these clients wanted to bring out the Spanish tile roof and brickwork on the house with hints of bold colors throughout the landscape. The warm color of the Arizona flagstone replaces the cold, gray concrete path and an olive tree will help frame the property.

  • A setback front door feels unapproachable and unwelcoming
  • Warm colors from the brick, flagstone and arching of paths and porch make the entrance stand out.

Burks Residence

With a much needed update in mind, two separate patios offer a choice of where to relax or entertain. The curved arbor provides an intimate place for a few comfortable chairs or to hang a hammock and enjoy the sound of one of the two pondless waterfalls located on the property.

  • Before, old and outdated
  • The pondless waterfall recirculates water. Since the water is stored in an underground reservoir, the water temperature remains cooler. As the water flows in the direction of the patio, it naturally cools off the area keeping people more comfortable on a warm day.
  • Old and new bricks are mixed so there is no obvious sign of the extension of the patio. Dryset flagstone stepping stones connect one patio to the next.

Yoshida Residence

An emphasis on usability and water conservation led to this low-maintenance yard for a family of four. The desire for naturalistic elements of a Japanese garden brought together California native plants and a selection of low water plants found in Japanese gardens. A high efficiency drip irrigation system was
See more developed to carry water to the plants, a separate zone for the thirstier trees, and Hunter MP Rotator sprinklers to deliver water efficiently and evenly to the minimized lawn. When rainwater flows down a copper rain chain, specific grasses help remediate contaminants in the water from the petroleum-based shingle roof. Rainwater then flows into an underground discharge well keeping it onsite to regenerate groundwater and take burden off the city storm drains. A bowl-like impression in a boulder receives water from a copper tube creating a bath of sorts and an opportunity to view birds and dragonflies. Crevices within the natural rock walls provide new homes to insect eating lizards.

  • Frontyard before
  • The new foliage provides color and texture
  • Gently flowing curves make spaces feel larger
  • This selection of plants will display year-round color in the garden
  • The rain discharge well is both functional and provides visual appeal
  • The hypnotic dance of rain down the chain is only one storm away

Miscellaneous Projects

We have included a grouping of pictures here consisting of a variety of elements from miscellaneous projects in hopes you find some inspiration or reflection.

  • Multi-use patio with fire pit for chilly nights or a table top set over fire pit when outdoor entertaining
  • Stainless steel fixtures and granite top weather the elements
  • Natural stone pillars dress up the patio and provide guests a place to rest their glass
  • Bar height seating within the island keeps the cook in the conversation
  • Dry stacked, terraced walls give more dimension to the yard
  • Synthetic putting surface with illuminated cups and flags. I spent some time "testing it out" after installation